Our Teacher Training is coming! 

We know, we know.  

You’ve been asking for a longggg time… 

And we’ve been saying it’s coming… 

And it is… ;) 

The birthing process has it’s own non-linear path… 

And yet it is expected to take place in late 2024…  

Don't worry, your information will not be shared and we will be sending only amazing news from the Jade Temple world.

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Get excited to become a safe and competent guide for women who are seeking these kinds of spaces!  Our training will teach you how to hold:  

~ Women’s circles ~
~ Jade Temple Feminine Embodiment classes ~ 
~ Yoni Wand and Egg informational workshops and guided practices ~
~ Female Body & Sexuality Education - Everything we should learn growing up about our bodies, cycles and pleasure… and then some! ~

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