The Jade Temple

The Jade Temple is a Women's Center on Koh Phangan, Thailand for women to come together to walk the path of feminine embodiment.

At The Jade Temple we aim to fully embrace life and to care for the world we live in, from our embodied, sensual self-practice to the ways we relate with ourselves, each other and the Earth. We strive to set an example for Embodied Feminine Living & Leadership, not just on Koh Phangan, but around the world.

Our work is to come together to reclaim our sacred, sensual nature and create thriving individuals, families and communities. We believe this facilitates the awakening, healing and empowerment of the feminine force within our bodies, sexuality, relations, work, spirituality and overall lives.

We see this work as crucial for all people now, and we envision a world of harmony and right relationship, in devotion to the restoration of the Feminine in our bodies, relationships, families, communities and the Earth.

We Can't Do This Alone

The Jade Temple aims to heal the wounds of sisterhood that so many women carry by offering this work in the context of live group programs and immersions.
When women come together with a shared intention of healing and awakening the female body, something truly magical happens.
We shed layers of shame, guilt and self-judgment because we realize that everything we've experienced or carry in our bodies, other people with yonis have undergone the exact same thing.
We hold wide open space for each other where absolutely everything is welcome, and in the process, we hold this same present and loving space for ourselves, where transformation flourishes.
We are able to alchemize inherited patterns of competition and comparison, and in this we joyously support each other to become the highest versions of ourselves.
We envision a worldwide network of Jade Temples, that serve as community centers for women to safely gather for communion, inspiration, and deep healing.
We envision the people who are called into these spaces finding loving acceptance of their shadows and celebration of their light, that they may go forward in surrender to their full expression and organic growth.
We envision a world where women and all people are safe to feel and express their sexuality and creative life force energy, where our bodies, sensuality and the elements are honored for their wisdom.
We envision a world where there’s nothing to “fix” and everything to love. We envision a world where safe access to what’s sacred and sexy is celebrated as a natural and healthy way of Being together on this vibrant planet!
Any person with a female body, no matter her age, race, sexual/gender orientation, religion, background, experience level, or anything else is warmly welcomed into The Jade Temple, exactly as you are in the moment. There's space for you, and you are so needed.

Current Offerings

For our current and future offerings, following our Facebook page is the best place to stay informed. 

Ifyou aren't in Koh Phangan, you are so welcome to join our FREE virtual women's community where we share practices and tools for connecting with your female body, and have vulnerable conversations about womanhood.