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At The Jade Temple, we are in love with female bodies and the power, creativity, and wisdom they hold.

The thing is, most women on the planet have been conditioned out of love with themselves and especially their female bodies from a young age... 

As devastating and enraging as this is to us, the beautiful truth is that it absolutely can be shifted, and a whole new embodied experience of your body, sensuality and life is waiting to be discovered!


Introducing our FREE Connect to Your Female Body 10-Day Mini-Course designed to gently guide you through an educational and embodiment journey into your feminine essence and female body.

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This is the perfect course for complete beginners or for those looking for a beautiful way to reconnect with your body and practice if you’ve been away from it for some time.



Somatic Safety

Know what it is to create a safe space within your body.

The 5 Foundations of Feminine Embodiment

Explore awareness, breath, movement, sound, and self-touch.

Anatomical, Energetic, and Emotional Connection

Delve into practices to connect with specific female body parts (we go deeper into breasts, womb, vulva and pussy in this course).

Shift in Perspective

Experience a profound transformation that extends beyond sensuality, affecting every aspect of your life.


Here’s a short overview of the practices we’ll cover in this mini-course:

Day 1: Safety and Grounding

Begin your journey with practices to establish somatic safety and internal support systems.

Day 2: Awareness and Acknowledgement

Acknowledge your body parts with curiosity and intimacy. Dive into meditation, exploring the anatomy and energy of your breasts, pussy, and womb.

Day 3: Breath

Discover the power of breath to connect with your pussy, breasts, and heart. Engage in yoni breathing for vitality and presence. 

Day 4: Movement

Embrace fluid feminine movements to awaken energy and grace. Think seated hip circles, gentle shaking, spinal undulations, and more to free, express and empower your body.

Day 5: Sound

Activate the vagus nerve through pussy sounding. Explore the liberating connection between your voice and your yoni.

Day 6: Self-Touch

Nurture yourself with a gentle, non-goal-oriented touch. Cultivate presence and self-love through sensual exploration.

Day 7: Breasts

Connect with your heart and embrace self-love through basic breast massage. Increase sensitivity and embodiment with your feminine essence.

Day 8: Womb

Explore the physical and energetic aspects of your womb. Engage in womb meditation to honor and awaken your creative life force and sacred center.

Day 9: Vulva & Pussy

Understand the anatomy and energies of your vulva and pussy. Explore language and practice gentle vulva massage to deepen the connection.

Day 10: Integration and Celebration

Celebrate your journey and the power of Feminine Embodiment practice, where we weave together all of the tools and body parts we’ve touched on in the 10 days for increased healing, pleasure, and connection.


Meet Hilary

Hilary, a holistic sexuality and feminine embodiment mentor, educator, and visionary founder of The Jade Temple, epitomizes a profound dedication to women's empowerment and liberation. With a heartfelt commitment to creating nurturing spaces, both live and virtual, Hilary facilitates transformative journeys of healing, awakening, and empowerment.

Her approach is rooted in trauma-informed practices, blending spirituality with grounded wisdom to foster growth and sisterhood among women.

Hilary's passion for women's sexual liberation ignites a fire within her, driving her mission to help change the world, one yoni at a time!

Meet Tamara

As a Somatic & Sexuality Educator and Co-Steward of The Jade Temple, Tamara supports women to create a deeply authentic & loving relationship with themselves, their body and their sexuality so that they can connect to their true, embodied power (instead of seeking it externally).

She is passionate about breaking down the systems of oppression that have been disconnecting women from this power for generations.

Her lifelong interest in human behaviour, psychology and culture led her to a career spanning over 15 years in advertising and extensive travels to over 60 countries, which adds a unique blend of insight and wisdom to her work.

With a trauma-informed and somatic-based approach, Tamara’s guidance is truly grounded in the nervous system & the body & her spaces are focused on cultivating a field of safety & vulnerability, enabling women to connect to their true, present moment experience & thereby creating greater access to the wisdom & pleasure of their female body. 


Embark on a transformational journey to reconnect with your female body, embrace your sensuality, and awaken your feminine essence.

Join us in the Connect to Your Female Body 10-Day Mini-Course and discover the profound power and beauty within you.


“I am extremely grateful to have found Feminine Embodiment as a way to come into awareness & really experience what it means to be a woman. I am now feeling so much more creative, powerful, pleasure & happiness with myself & my partner, love & care to my body & to my baby.”


“I feel how beautiful, helpful and supportive it is to have guidance through your audio recordings that you created as part of your course so I can simply relax into your guidance and devote to the work without having to think about what to do.  I still deeply enjoy and appreciate listening to the recordings, even after hearing them hundreds of times! These basic practices truly never get old and over and over again help me to ground in the core of my being. ”


“Feeling my body's truth that my sexuality is an essential expression of my divinity is a deep pleasure and joy that has changed my life forever.”


“The opportunity to join a feminine embodiment class online was so exciting for me - having attended in person at the Jade Temple, and gained so much healing and community, I was so grateful for the opportunity to tap into this from the other side of the world. Spending time with sisters and with myself and my body was so nourishing. Thank you for this offering!”


"I loooove attending The Jade Temple's Feminine Embodiment classes on a weekly basis. I enjoy the sense of welcoming atmosphere, self-love, and clarity I'm experiencing there.

The practice is doing wonders for my nervous system, bringing a calming balance to my life. Can't recommend it enough!



Embark on a transformational journey to reconnect with your female body, embrace your sensuality, and awaken your feminine essence.