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The Divine Feminine is Awakening

Through hundreds of years of patriarchal and religious
conditioning, women and people with female bodies have been systematically stripped of their innate power, the sacredness that inherently exists in their wombs, as well as their somatic and erotic intelligence.

So many women feel disconnected and numb in their female bodies. Our lives are dominated by overthinking and relentless doing. We are isolated, living without the deep sense of safety, love, and belonging that being in a supportive community can bring…

At The Jade Temple, we understand that deep longing to come back home to yourself - to the fullness of who you are. Especially the parts of you that have been most shamed, neglected, and forgotten.

This is exactly why we created The Sisterhood, a safe space where we can share the tools, practices, and practical female body knowledge that completely changed our lives, and has changed the lives of thousands of our students all across the world.

Your womb and yoni are spaces where you can access your deepest wisdom, internal resources, intuitive guidance, and deep states of pleasure.

Step into a Space of Sacred Connection

We know the
longing to be seen, heard, and held in the arms of Sisterhood.

Our community is more than just a membership—it's a sanctuary, a sacred container where you can shed the layers of shame and trauma that have kept you from fully embracing your divine feminine power and pleasure.

The Sisterhood is a welcoming space where you are invited to show up exactly as you are, where you'll be held in your deepest shit and celebrated in your highest glory!

 We care deeply about seeing, feeling, and healing our individual and collective wounds, and supporting the evolution of higher levels of consciousness in women’s bodies and lives that the world desperately needs.

This is a Sisterhood of kindred spirits ready to walk beside you as you reclaim your power.

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A woman who reclaims her female body, sensuality, pleasure, and creative power is an unstoppable force in the world!

How The Sisterhood Works

In The Sisterhood, our intention is crystal clear: we're here to make Feminine Embodiment
a way of life. It's not just about practicing once in a while—it's about weaving the sacred threads of embodiment into the very fabric of your being.

At The Sisterhood, we offer two transformative pathways for you to embark on your journey of Feminine Embodiment: Embodiment Basics and The Pleasure Path.

Pick Your Path

Embodiment Basics

49 USD/Month 

Each month you’ll receive: 
  • A 90-Min Live Feminine Embodiment Temple Class
  • A 30-Min Live Feminine Embodiment Temple Quickie Class
  •  A 90-Min Live Community Temple Class
  • Access to The Sisterhood Community Space

As well as these bonuses:
  • Pre-Recorded Feminine Embodiment & Self-Pleasure Classes
  • Pre-Recorded Feminine Embodiment Quickie Practices
  • Nervous System Toolkit
Cancel Anytime
No Payment Plans

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The Pleasure Path

1,188 USD/Year

Each month you’ll receive: 
  • Everything from Embodiment Basics
  • A 90-Min Live Pleasure Temple Class
  • A Live 30-Min Pleasure Temple Quickie Class
  • Quarterly Masterclasses

As well as these exclusive bonuses:
  • Everything from Embodiment Basics
  • Access to Gushing Goddess: A 3.5-hour Female Ejaculation and Female Pleasure Masterclass
  • Regional Pussy Pods to connect with women in your region.
  • VIP discount on all Jade Temple online offerings throughout your membership.
  • A “My Pussy is Sacred” tote bag.
1-Year Commitment
Payment Plans Available

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Find What Feels Good

About The Embodiment Basics Plan

Embodiment Basics is your
foundational membership focused on the essentials of Feminine Embodiment. For just $49 per month, you'll gain access to a wealth of resources and live Feminine Embodiment Temple and Feminine Embodiment Quickie Temple classes designed to guide you on your path to reclaiming your female body.

BUT! That's not all—within our Sisterhood Community, you'll find daily guided short practices, inspiration, and thought-provoking questions from Hilary and Tamara. Plus, you'll have the opportunity to connect with other members in a private space where you can share your experiences and questions.

AND! As a bonus, you'll also gain access to our ever-expanding Bonus Vault filled with tools, practices, and classes to deepen your journey. We’re all about generosity and abundance at The Jade Temple, so expect more of this goodness to come!

About The Pleasure Path Plan

This path is for women who are ready to dive even deeper into the realms of pleasure and empowerment. Priced at $1,188 per year, this premium membership offers everything included in Embodiment Basics and so much more!

The Pleasure Path members enjoy exclusive access to live Pleasure Temple classes and Pleasure Temple Quickie classes each month. You'll also participate in quarterly masterclasses led by Hilary, Tamara, and guest teachers, delving into juicy topics designed to expand your sexual horizons.

PLUS! You'll receive a bonus 3.5-hour Female Ejaculation Masterclass and gain access to optional Regional Pussy Pods for deeper connections and support.

AND! As a special perk, Pleasure Path members enjoy a VIP discount on all online offerings from The Jade Temple as well as a free "My Pussy Is Sacred" tote bag as a symbol of their commitment to the journey. 


Whether you choose Embodiment Basics or The Pleasure Path, you're stepping into a community dedicated to reclaiming the power and sacredness of the female body.

So, are you ready to infuse every moment of your existence with radiance, power, and pleasure?

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Special Launch Promotion

The Sisterhood is
free until June 5th!

Join us for a month of forming, connecting, and foreplay!

Live Temple Classes start on June 5th.


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Until June 5th You Get To:

✓ Enjoy All the Bonus Content
✓ Complete the Invitations
✓ Meet and Connect with Your Fellow Sisters
✓ Explore the Juicy Conversations in the Circle Chats

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(Code expires on the 5th of June)

Whether you choose Embodiment Basics or The Pleasure Path, you're stepping into a community dedicated to reclaiming the power and sacredness of the female body.

So, are you ready to infuse every moment of your existence with radiance, power, and pleasure?

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“Thank you for opening up to me a new way of being in this world that I've been yearning for for so long. Where gentleness, softness and patience with, listening and surrender to, and honour of my female body is truly valued and can bring forth a wisdom, power and more beautiful engagement in this world. I now know it's possible”


“I came for the physical benefits, and was gifted with a huge experience of connecting with my body, my sexuality, my pleasure and my spirituality. So many doors have opened. Healing took place where I didn’t even know it was needed. I feel so loved and held in the sisterhood that The Jade Temple is so magically holding space for. Join and tap into your own power and pleasure!”


“My intention was to have a set time every week to spend nurturing a sometimes 'forgotten' part of myself.  I have an active loving sexual relationship with my partner, which sometimes means I don't feel I need to take the time to spend with myself.  This was about re-connecting more deeply with myself and learning something new.”


Every woman's body is a source of wisdom, pleasure, and power.

Every woman can reclaim these gifts as her birthright.

Reclaim Your Most Radiant Self

Joining The Sisterhood isn't just about signing up for a membership—it's about embarking on a journey of profound reclamation and empowerment.

Here's how The Sisterhood will support you: 

Experience Your Body as a Source of Connection, Wisdom, and Empowerment:

Through our guided practices and community support, you'll learn to see your body not just as a physical vessel, but as a sacred and powerful source of connection, wisdom, and empowerment in your life.

Balance Your Nervous System with Sensuality:
By incorporating sensual practices into your daily routine, you'll learn to balance your nervous system and cultivate a deeper sense of calm, relaxation, and pleasure.

Release Old Wounds and Limiting Beliefs:
The Sisterhood provides a safe space for you to release stuck emotions from old wounds, including guilt, shame, unworthiness, and judgement, allowing you to step into your true power and authenticity.

Ground in Safety and Confidence:
Through guided embodiment practices, you'll ground yourself in a sense of safety and confidence in your body and sensuality, allowing you to move through life with greater ease and self-assurance.

Be Present in Your Body:
Learn to be fully present in your body, rather than getting lost in your thoughts, especially during moments of self-pleasure or sex with another. This presence allows for deeper connection and enjoyment of life's pleasures.

Increase Your Pleasure and Libido:
By awakening and expanding your sensual energy and pleasure, you'll tap into a newfound vitality and aliveness that infuses every aspect of your being.

Connect Your Brain with Your Body:
Through practices that connect your brain with your breasts, womb, and pussy, you'll experience deeper sensitivity, a renewed relationship with your female body, enhanced creativity and intuition, and a level of pleasure beyond your wildest dreams.


In The Sisterhood, you'll devote yourself to deepening into a new, intimate, and orgasmic relationship with your female body and pussy—a relationship you may have never thought possible, even if you've been on this path for a while.

Through the support of expert guidance, live teachings, and unwavering support from Hilary, Tamara, and a community of women who have also stepped up to be a part of this growing revolution, you'll unearth deep sensual and feminine healing, allowing you to live fully in your radiance and power.

“If you want to find a big, beautiful “YES” for life, attend The Jade Temple’s courses!  This is the most beautiful gift I’ve ever given myself, I would recommend them to any woman who wishes to connect more to her body and feminine essence in the company of other beautiful and courageous women. I couldn’t imagine how healing it would be to be in this group’s energy even while we were all in different parts of the world, and I’m so grateful for all the beautiful connections and support I’ve received from these incredible sisters. It was perfect for me since I wanted to develop and deepen my practice, but at the time I was traveling and staying in different countries each week, so this was a beautiful way to receive support, continuity and guidance in my own practice while being on the road. ”


“I'm so very grateful for The Jade Temple! I had frustration and confusion around my pleasure and sexuality. Now I feel I have truly reclaimed my sexuality and there is so much more than sexual pleasure – nourishment, love, tenderness, sensuality, empowerment, knowing what I really want, awareness of my desires and boundaries, feeling safe and being with whatever is present in me.  All the processes we went through helped me to refine what I also want in other areas of my life. I feel so much more alive, empowered and happy! I felt very welcomed, heard, understood and empowered. I loved the sisterhood and feeling relaxed around the group of women. I'm recommending The Jade Temple’s courses to all my friends and whoever feels called!”


“The Jade Temple's guided self pleasure classes have helped me tune into my body better, and deepen into my own self pleasure practices. They encouraged me to make my own pleasure a priority, and reminded me just how important it is take time for self care and self pleasure. The benefits from this work have spilled over into my everyday life. I feel a juicy sweetness in myself that makes me feel sexy and wildly alive. I also feel more solid and grounded in my "no" when I'm not feeling sexy, knowing that honoring my yoni's "no" makes me even more capable of finding a "hell yes!" I highly recommend to all women, without exception.”

Katie Mae

Can you feel the calling?

It’s time for you to step into the highest version of yourself. 

No more playing small, love.

The world needs you in your full embodied feminine power!

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About Your Guides

Meet Tamara and Hilary: uniting their passions at The Jade Temple where together, they are guiding women into radically reclaiming their bodies, embracing sensuality, and fostering empowered sisterhood.

Meet Hilary

Holistic Sexuality Educator

Hilary is a holistic sexuality and feminine embodiment mentor, educator, and founder of The Jade Temple. She has a deep love for creating sacred and safe enough spaces for women to come together to do sexual reclamation, healing, and empowerment work.  Her work is trauma-informed, spiritual yet grounded, and she creates welcoming spaces that emphasize healing and growth in sisterhood.  She brings over 20 years of study and practice, and 12 years of teaching live and online.  Hilary is passionate about women’s sexual liberation, and the fire to help change the world, one yoni at a time!

  • Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy Certification - The Embody Lab, 2021 
  • Authentic Relating Training Level 1, Rick Smith, 2021 
  • Creating Safer Spaces - Trauma Informed Care Training with Shelby Leigh, 2019 
  • VITA Sex, Love, and Relationship Coaching Certification - Layla Martin, 2018 
  • Shamanic Tantrika Facilitator’s Training - Earth Priestess Arts with Anna Maria Hernmarck, 2017 
  • Sacred Femininity Facilitator’s Training - Tao Tantric Arts with Shashi Solluna and Minke de Vos, 2016 
  • Moon Mother Training - Miranda Grey, 2016 
  • Women’s Circlework Facilitator’s Training - Jalaja Bonheim, 2015 
  • Yoga Teacher Training, Hatha Yoga, 200 Hours, The Yoga Garden, San Francisco, CA, USA, 2012 
  • Advanced Yoga Teacher Training, Classical & Hatha Yoga, 600 Hours, The Yoga Institute, Mumbai, India, 2011
  • Reiki Level I & II, Chiang Mai, Thailand, 2011 and The Heart Path Institute, 2016


Somatic & Sexuality Educator

As a Somatic & Sexuality Educator and Co-Steward of The Jade Temple, Tamara supports women to create a deeply authentic & loving relationship with themselves, their body, and their sexuality so that they can connect to their true, embodied power.

With a trauma-informed and somatic-based approach, Tamara’s guidance is truly grounded in the nervous system and the body, and her spaces are focused on cultivating a field of safety and vulnerability, enabling women to connect to their true, present-moment experience and thereby creating greater access to the wisdom and pleasure of their female body.

  • Science of Pleasure - with Dr Isabela Bottura - 2024 (in progress)
  • Somatic Educator for Women - with Somatic Institute for Women 2022 + 2024 (also as Support Coach)
  • Menstrual Cycle Awareness - Jaime Lauren, Cyclical Living, 2022
  • Trauma-Awareness Training - UNION - Relational Healing and Trauma Recovery Institute, 2021
  • Tantra Teacher Training, 200 Hour - AUM Tantra Yoga School, 2021
  • Feminine Power, Professional Track - Dr Claire Zammit, PhD, 2020
  • Advanced Tantra Yoga for Women, 100 Hour - Lorraine Taylor, 2019
  • Yoga Teacher Training, 200 Hour - Jacqueline Purnell, YogaShala Ibiza, 2018

Imagine a New More Powerful You

You've embarked on a year-long journey of deepening your connection with and reverence for your Female Body.

You're overflowing with awe, love, and respect for the sacredness within you.

You marvel at the profound transformations you've undergone and celebrate the courage it took to say yes to this profound journey.

Your connection to your body is deeper than ever, your pleasure has soared to new heights, and you embody the essence of a sensually awakened woman.

You've forged lifelong bonds, experienced a profound sense of sisterhood, and discovered the immense power of collective healing and growth.

You're ready to step into the world as the most authentic, empowered version of yourself.

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“I love doing this work in sisterhood because you feed off of the energy of the group. You feel like you belong, and really like you are doing sacred work. Everything is amplified. Benefits, feelings, triggers. It is the mirror you need to go deeper, faster.”


“After 1 year of doing this work, my relationship with my sexuality feels strong and vibrant, deeply spiritual, and like a well-spring for my life. This is a miracle for me. When we were setting our intentions, I had a kind of flashback to many lifetimes where I and other women did these practices in temples as priestesses of the Goddess. It feels like coming home to my centre of life, vitality, and peace. Even when it brings stuff up, that's so it can be felt and healed.”


“I feel good - settled in my skin - and the feeling isn’t fleeting. It’s beginning to become who I am, or I’m fully realizing who I am. And sex has become so much deeper, sensual, loving and orgasmic! I can’t believe all of this is here after just 7 weeks together. Thank you!”



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