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About The Jade Temple 

Welcome to The Jade Temple, where the journey to sensual healing and the celebration of feminine wisdom unfolds in a sacred space designed for women.

Our story begins with Hilary, whose own journey of feminine embodiment sparked the vision for this temple of sisterhood. In 2014, she experienced a profound awakening to the power and beauty of her female body, setting her on a path of devotion to sharing this wisdom with others.

A few years later, Hilary found herself in Tao Tantric Art’s Sacred Femininity training on the island of Koh Phangan in Thailand. She was deeply inspired by her teachers Shashi Solluna and Minke de Vos, the TaoTantric teachings, and especially the community of women she lived and practiced with during the training. Afterwards, all she dreamed of was having her own space to hold events for women.

Guided by synchronicities, Hilary found her dream house on of Koh Phangan, where she had space to began holding women’s circles, classes and workshops. It was there that she officially birthed The Jade Temple in the online space in 2018, after receiving undeniable guidance from the Divine.

Then, with the support of her good friends Imaya Renee and Namjai Plenty, they followed their shared dream of an in-person women’s temple devoted to the wisdom and pleasure of the female body.  And so they renovated Hilary’s Thai house, created a business, and officially opened The Jade Temple’s physical doors to a worldwide community of women hungry for the transformative work offered within.

The Jade Temple is more than just a physical space; it's a testament to the collective power of women coming together in love and reverence. Rooted in the practice of the jade egg and feminine embodiment, our temple is a sanctuary where healing, connection, and awakening flourish. Here, we honor our bodies as sacred temples, bowing to the divine feminine within ourselves and each other.

Despite facing challenges, including the COVID-19 pandemic hitting the world less than three months after the Temple officially opened her doors, The Jade Temple has persisted. As the world gradually reopened, Tamara Klemich joined forces with Hilary, bringing her own passion for women's empowerment to the temple. Together, they are expanding The Jade Temple's reach, both on the island of Koh Phangan and in the online space.

Now, The Jade Temple in Thailand stands as a beacon of empowerment, offering a full schedule of classes, retreats, and community events, while our online space holds a variety of courses, our membership, 1:1 mentorship, trainings and more. With Tamara at the helm in Thailand, and both Hilary and Tamara leading the online space supported by a team of dedicated women, The Jade Temple continues to thrive as a vital pillar of the Koh Phangan community and throughout the world.

We invite you to join us on this journey of self-discovery, body & sexual reclamation, sisterhood, and feminine power. Together, we create a safe enough space, supporting women to gather, heal, and thrive in transformative ways, seeding temples of feminine wisdom around the world. Welcome to The Jade Temple, where every woman is honored as she is, and every body is celebrated as sacred.

You Belong Here.

My yoni is really happy. I took special time out to just be in pure presence and love with her. Often it wasn’t even about my sexuality or sensuality, but just taking time out to be present with my body in this way.

~ Bonnie ~

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Meet Hilary

Hilary, a holistic sexuality and feminine embodiment mentor, educator, and visionary founder of The Jade Temple, epitomizes a profound dedication to women's empowerment and liberation. With a heartfelt commitment to creating nurturing spaces, both live and virtual, Hilary facilitates transformative journeys of healing, awakening, and empowerment.

Her approach is rooted in trauma-informed practices, blending spirituality with grounded wisdom to foster growth and sisterhood among women.

Hilary's passion for women's sexual liberation ignites a fire within her, driving her mission to help change the world, one yoni at a time!

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Meet Tamara

As a Somatic & Sexuality Educator and Co-Steward of The Jade Temple, Tamara supports women to create a deeply authentic & loving relationship with themselves, their body and their sexuality so that they can connect to their true, embodied power (instead of seeking it externally).

She is passionate about breaking down the systems of oppression that have been disconnecting women from this power for generations.

Her lifelong interest in human behaviour, psychology and culture led her to a career spanning over 15 years in advertising and extensive travels to over 60 countries, which adds a unique blend of insight and wisdom to her work.

With a trauma-informed and somatic-based approach, Tamara’s guidance is truly grounded in the nervous system & the body & her spaces are focused on cultivating a field of safety & vulnerability, enabling women to connect to their true, present moment experience & thereby creating greater access to the wisdom & pleasure of their female body. 

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