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Love Letters from Our Sisters

Love Letters from Our Sisters

The Jade Temple Through Their Eyes


"This work is probably the most pleasurable way of healing. Making peace with my body and reclaiming my creativity and pleasure feel absolutely empowering!"

~ Fiona ~

the jade temple koh phangan

"This course not only taught me how to increase my pleasure and create a profound, sacred relationship with my yoni, it reconnected me with all aspects of myself, embracing what it truly means to be a woman. Sometimes I want to be emotional, held and nurtured, and other times I want to be wild, passionate and adventurous. I am so grateful for Hilary’s wisdom and ability to hold space for us through breakdown and breakthrough moments, which in my case involved healing shameful experiences from my past."

Thelma ~

feminine embodiement

"After 1 year of doing this work, my relationship with my sexuality feels strong and vibrant, deeply spiritual, and like a well-spring for my life. This is a miracle for me. When we were setting our intentions, I had a kind of flashback to many lifetimes where I and other women did these practices in temples as priestesses of the Goddess. It feels like coming home to my center of life, vitality, and peace. Even when it brings stuff up, that's so it can be felt and healed."

Saliha ~

sensual healing

"Hilary's guided self pleasure classes have helped me tune into my body better, and deepen into my own self pleasure practices. They encouraged me to make my own pleasure a priority, and reminded me just how important it is take time for self care and self pleasure. The benefits from this work have spilled over into my everyday life. I feel a juicy sweetness in myself that makes me feel sexy and wildly alive. I also feel more solid and grounded in my "no" when I'm not feeling sexy, knowing that honoring my yoni's "no" makes me even more capable of finding a "hell yes!" I highly recommend Hilary's course to all women, without exception."

Katie Mae ~

"Coming to my womb space has ignited my inner creative fire and for so long I’ve felt creatively blocked and told myself I’m just not a creative person and feeling that spark has been something I’m really celebrating."

~ Katie ~


"This work is so deep!  It’s probably the most pleasurable way of healing.  Making peace with my body and reclaiming my creativity and pleasure feel absolutely empowering!"

~ Stephanie ~

sensual healing

"ALL girls and women should take The Jade Temple’s Courses! This information is essential for knowing your female body, being grounded in it and learning how to use and tap into the most powerful energy we have. These are practices and knowledge you can use for the rest of your life.   It’s the most tangible and rewarding approach to self-love. Everything else is theory, this is real. The real basis for living our lives fully as women. "

~ Tina ~

the jade temple hilary kimball

"This work has offered me a deep Self-Love which creates a cup overflowing with love, benefitting all people I come into contact with. I have more acceptance and a deeper relationship with my own female body, especially my breasts and Yoni. And I have a deeper connection with the Earth, which is so important in these times and is a form of climate activism in itself, since a woman in tune with the Earth will automatically make choices benefitting the Earth and all creatures on it.."

~ Storm ~

the jade temple tamara klemich

"It’s been such a gift feeling I’m not alone in this yearning for deeper wisdom and power in my female body and way of being a human. Through your courses, I now see there are other women out there who also want to explore this beauty, a life-enriching way of being and engaging with oneself, other women and the world. I’m leaving behind the shit, limited constructs I was brought up with."

~ Yulia ~

"Through this course I could finally recognize my my g-spot and it ignited the power in all parts of my womb."

~ Deborah ~

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